Loris Gasparin

Director, Loris Gasparin has 20 years experience in residential projects and is responsible for all aspects of construction. Loris manages each project closely preferring to take a hands on approach particularly with design finishes.

Roger Gasparin

Director, Roger Gasparin has 15 years experience in residential construction and is responsible for key areas of the design and building process including estimating, site supervision, occupational health and safety as well as client & contract management.

Eric Del Tedesco

Site Supervisor, Eric Del Tedesco has 33 years experience in residential projects. Eric specializes in estimating including being responsible for stages of construction from excavation up to roofing.

Ryan Juers

Site Supervisor, Ryan Juers has 10 years experience in the building industry. With a background in carpentry, Ryan makes a hands-on contribution to all stages of the building process from the beginning to finishing stages.

Kathy Mantas

Office Manager, Kathy Mantas has 25 years experience in the building industry and responsible for all office administrative duties including liaising with clients and customer selections.